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“If there’s one man who might be considered responsible for making Mexican food trendy in New York City, it’s Roberto Santibanez”
–NBC Latino

“Roberto Santibanez helped bring authentic Mexican cuisine to Manhattan, Atlanta, Palm Beach and Washington DC”
Bon Appetit
“Roberto Santibanez is an undeniable authority on traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine” 
Martha Stewart
“Roberto Santibanez has been at the forefront of modern Mexican cuisine for many years”
Zarela Martinez
Tacos, Tortas and Tamales
-the new cookbook
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Chef Santibanez's restaurants in Brooklyn & Manhattan

Visit La Botaneria
Chef Santibanez’ Botanas
Bar in Brooklyn

Mexico City for Tamales, Tortas and Tacos.
Chef Roberto returns to explore the source of his passion.
-The New York Times