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A Fresh, Exciting and Accessible Approach to Contemporary Mexican Cooking From Chef and Culinary Consultant Roberto Santibanez. Beautifully photographed, ROSA’S NEW MEXICAN TABLE features 125 vibrant dishes. This book is determined to simplify the complexities of his native cuisine and share his fascination with global influences; Santibañez adds nontraditional ingredients for inspired recipes. Salmon with a sauce that’s both sweet and hot, a roasted yellow tomato salsa, slow-baked haricot verts, a sweet raspberry-guajillo-chocolate-chip “salsa” are just a few of the book’s surprises.
“I often say that my food is authentic, but not orthodox,” Santibañez notes in his introduction. This book is an antidote to the other Mexican cookbooks that often feature time-consuming and laborious recipes.
ROSA’S NEW MEXICAN TABLE begins with an authoritative chapter on essential ingredients, equipment and techniques with the 8 remaining chapters covering it all
Here are some sample chapters:

• Botanas, Entradas, Y Bebidas – start a meal with appetizers designed for the whole table to share such as: Coconut Ceviche (pg 35), Peach Pico de Gallo (pg 42) or Rosa Mexicano’s feverishly popular Guacamole (pg 73)

• Enchiladas – with infinite variations possible, try a nontraditional version of Crab Enchilada (pg 116), Lamb Enchiladas with a Tomatillio-Pasilla Sauce (pg 123) or Turkey-Chorizo Enchilada with a Pecan-Prune Mole (pg 126)

• Platos Fuertes—for entreés full of flavor try the Roasted Seafood-Stuffed Pineapple (pg 188) or for a lasagna-type dish the Chicken and Tortilla Gratin (pg 170) or Poblanos Stuffed with Spinach and Goat Cheese (pg 165)

ROSA’S NEW MEXICAN TABLE also features festive menus—a traditional taco party, a carefree cocktail party, a vegetarian dinner and a celebratory barbecue—with step-by-step plans that make for hassle-free gatherings, allowing the host to greet guests at the door with a Passion Fruit Margarita in hand. “Many of the dishes can be executed in 30 to 60 minutes—or less,” Santibañez says. Not only is Mexican food flavorful, it’s also healthy and typically vegetarian friendly. Most sauces are vegetable based and do not require flour, eggs, or stocks; rather they use fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, chilies, onions, garlic and fresh herbs. Traditional Mexican ingredients, once difficult to find, are now sold in most American grocery stores, so preparing delicious South-of-the-Border recipes has never been easier. Santibañez has designed all the recipes in ROSA’S NEW MEXICAN TABLE with the home chef in mind. “If you enjoy Mexican food in restaurants but are reluctant to cook it at home, this book is for you,” says Santibañez.

“This gorgeous book, may well do for Mexican cooking what Julia Child did for French cooking.”
Kirkus Reviews
“This book will get you cooking, I guarantee it.”
Sara Moulton
“This Lavish book captures Roberto’s innovative vision beautifully.”
  Zarela Martinez
“Discover just how easy it is to make authentic Mexican at home – thanks to Roberto Santibanez’s Rosa’s New Mexican Table.”
House Beautiful
“The recipes in Rosa’s New Mexican Table are innovative, approachable and delightful”
The Austin Chronicle
cookbook: Rosa's New Mexican Table
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